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Saturday, 02 April 2005


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Some Gay Guy

Cool! Now I can /finally/ bag a certain blonde-haired, deliciously twinky fellow grad student. Yum!

Some Gay Guy

Why does this Web site always make me repeat myself? I type one thing, and it doesn't show up. So I type another and then *both* comments show up. I guess it wants to make sure I'm serious?

A. Cephalous

I think you're seeing things... the way, best SIP I've found yet (from Crooked Timber):

The Trial, Franz Kafka: ostensible acquittal; definite acquittal.

More that I've found. These books all appear in the works cited page of my current dissertation chapter, but until now I really didn't understand them:

The Education of Henry Adams: diplomatic education, accidental education, supersensual chaos, larger synthesis, rebel agents

John Barleycorn, Jack London: salmon boat, oyster pirates, night coal, long sickness, desire for alcohol

Origin of Species, Charles Darwin: temperate productions, genera descended, transitional gradations, unknown progenitor, fossiliferous formations, our domestic breeds, modified offspring, doubtful forms, closely allied forms, profitable variations, enormously remote, transitional grades, very distinct species, mongrel offspring, and, of course, diversified habits (a nice indication of his annoyance with Lamarck)

The SIPs for The Descent of Man aren't as indicative of the larger argument: more beautiful males, colour from the females, rivalry with other males, build concealed nests, stridulating organs, from some lower form, build open nests, anthropomorphous apes


Lesbian sex wars, eh? ... God, I'm so predictable. The sad thing is I'm sure that's not nearly as awesome as it sounds.

While I'm on the subject, though... SGG: thank you for your response, which truly was as thorough as it was informative. Let me know how that last idea works out for you, since if I have been of any help at all, I will doubtless wish to store the knowledge in my treasured cr8 of memories.

You may now shoot me for the pun. I die a happy man.


And yes, I will freely admit that I made the "Lesbian sex wars, eh?" comment /solely/ so I could segue into the response and make a vile pun. Does that mean I'm a bad, bad man?

Some Gay Guy

David: My pleasure. Also, you'll be relieved to know that I, along with a small minority of other gay guys, find guy-girl porn /incredibly/ hot. So maybe there's hope for us yet...Also, are you cute?

A. Cephalous: You were right, my friend. From the NYT: "The word conclave, in fact, comes from the Latin "with key." The tradition of isolating the cardinals developed in the 13th century, after agonizingly long waits, including a nearly three-year conclave in Viterbo. The people of the city outside grew so sick of waiting for a pope that they locked the doors, removed the roof and promised to serve only bread and water. Gregory X was quickly elected."

A. Cephalous

So Some Gay Guy, how was the coke party. Did you get, uh, HIGH...

Some Gay Guy

You're misinformed, A.C. I was /invited/ to a coke party that I am, obviously (good boy that I am) not going to. 8-ballin not my style, dude.


Am I cute?

Well, my mother says I'm handsome. /deadpan

Some Gay Guy

And I'm sure you are! Why do I want to know, you ask? You know, I have no clue. Anyway, you're doing better than I. All I can get out of my mother is "there's nothing wrong with you," which seems to be the most flattering lie the woman can muster. Ah, well...

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