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Saturday, 30 April 2005


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Invader Zim

I totally agree with Stan Slanders's advice. In fact, Slanders is in agreement with another well-known writer, who states, "a hideous green pseudopod crawls toward the cordon of troops and suddenly sshhlop! wipes out an entire observation post with a deluge of some disgusting orange mucus in which the unfortunate men are *digested*. Pirate/Osmo's mission is to establish liaison with the Adenoid."


As always, an insightful comment from Zim. In fact, I think what you've posted has been within all our minds; I appreciate someone having the guts to finally come out and say it.

We've All Read Our Lacan

I disagree with Mr. Wanker about the merits of Zim's post. While Zim himself is a fair-minded, independent, well-meaning thinker, his message contains an unconscious (dare I say it) racism that would repulse a Goebbels. Why describe Pirate/Osmo in strictly neutral language while using much more vivid, colorful imagery to characterize the Adenoid, to wit: "hideous green psuedopod," "disgusting orange mucus"?

Some Canadian Guy

At last, I am putting the finishing touches on the 110th revision of my Ellison/Myrdal chapter. NOW it is going to be perfect. I am not going to let my adviser change a word...not a word!!

A. Cephalous

Invader Zim, I'm only going to say this once: Put down the Pynchon and step away from the blow. You don't need it, nor is it appropos to what I've written here. (Except for the blow. It's obviously irritating the Adenoid and probably has something to do with those final sequences of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Or not. The first posters advertised it as "The Ultimate Trip".)

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