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Monday, 02 May 2005


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Some Canadian Guy

I'm surprised that you haven't yet mentioned the classic "first person anecdotal" opening for an academic essay. I.e.,

"I first became interested in evolutionary theory when, as a child growing up in a strict Baptist community in Mississippi, I discovered a reference to Darwin in my father's newspaper. 'Daddy, what's evolutionary theory?' I asked him. 'That's the work of Satan, son,' he replied, and reached behind the couch for the strap. For the next three hours, he mutely whalloped my bare ass, while my mother and sister looked on, clutching their bibles and solemnly intoning the psalms. He meant to drive evolution out of my soul forever, but with each stroke of the leather, Darwin was driven further in. Two decades later, I was in graduate school, searching about for a thesis topic with which to masochistically punish myself for the next several years. Darwin was indelibly associated in my mind with the pain and pleasure of the leather on my ass, and thus I came to write this study."

A. Cephalous

Look: just because you were the inspiration for this thread doesn't mean you can horn in on it. As I said, I'll talk about what you call "the First Person Anecdotal" but I call "the Balinese Cockfight" tomorrow.

Some Hyper Guy


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