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Wednesday, 18 May 2005


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I myself am often discontent with Italy. I'm especially upset because ever since they switched over to the Euro, we've had to stop stocking the household bathrooms with ten-thousand-lira notes, which, even after the currency-exchange fellers took their cut of 'em, were still far cheaper than toilet paper. Plus they had all these funny pictures on them, and I am told-- frighteningly-- that the Soviets actually /regarded the lira as hard currency/. Which says a lot about the rouble, but I digress.

And, uh, this is all from a dimly-remembered childhood trip to Italy. We use TP here. Honest.


Don't forget "Peptic Ulcer and Its Discontents." Now that's something to be discontent about.

The Only Ray Davis

If you could dream up a title that started "Queering the" and ended "and Its Discontents", man... you'd have it all....

ben wolfson

Queering the Discontents Considered Harmful.


I believe the reference is to Sigmund Freud's _Civilization and Its Discontents_, an extremely popular and influential psychoanalytic work published late in Freud's career. As an academic who, it seems, works on 20th century literature, your ignorance shames both you and your profession.

Some Guy Named John Bruce Who Doesn't Understand Irony

Yes, I agree with you anon. Acephalous needs to bone up on his pop-quiz level liberal arts scholarship. Good God, what is he teaching our children?!?! That Dickens wrote Crime and Punishment? That the Sun revolves around the Earth? Shame on you, Acephalous, shame, shame, SHAME!!!

A. Cephalous

Who's this Sigmund Freud? I've never heard of him.


I propose "Disco(n)tents." Postmodern parentheses + 70s entertainment. Retro chic, and all that.

A. Cephalous

Since the commenting alternatives have fallen to 1) defending the absurd proposition that I've never heard of Freud or 2) proposing progressively more absurd variations of "and its discontents," I'm opting to stick with #2. Building on Miriam's suggestions, I'd throw my support to "Queering The Last Days of Disco(n)te(na)nts," a bruising analysis of Whit Stillman's later works, in which the same-sex housing arrangements are queered to reveal that there really is something sexy about Scrooge McDuck.

Alex Leibowitz

Maybe Searle meant that literary theory has no content, only dis-content.

Scott Eric Kaufman

No, Alex, with feeling, no...

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