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Saturday, 04 June 2005


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Pseudonymous Guy

The transition from soft, supple, rounded breasts to cold, hard, regular geometrical-figured bottles might not explain the death of beauty, but it might have something to do with Mies van der Rohe ...

Some Gay Guy

You'll recall, Aceph, that Burke makes this connection in his *Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and the Beautiful*:

"THE NEXT property constantly observable in such objects is smoothness: 1 a quality so essential to beauty, that I do not now recollect anything beautiful that is not smooth. In trees and flowers, smooth leaves are beautiful; smooth slopes of earth in gardens; smooth streams in the landscape; smooth coats of birds and beasts in animal beauties; in fine women, smooth skins; and in several sorts of ornamental furniture, smooth and polished surfaces. A very considerable part of the effect of beauty is owing to this quality; indeed the most considerable. For, take any beautiful object, and give it a broken and rugged surface; and however well formed it may be in other respects, it pleases no longer. Whereas, let it want ever so many of the other constituents, if it wants not this, it becomes more pleasing than almost all the others without it. This seems to me so evident, that I am a good deal surprised, that none who have handled the subject have made any mention of the quality of smoothness, in the enumeration of those that go to the forming of beauty. For indeed any ruggedness, any sudden projection, any sharp angle, is in the highest degree contrary to that idea."

Now personally I'll take a "sudden projection" over a smooth surface any day. The Sublime can be painful at first, but it offers higher pleasures to those whose souls are capable of expnading to take it in. I want to use this opportunity to encourage all sexually attractive, single guys out there to consider this carefully before plumping for the Beautiful, which as a false and facile pleasure lacks the Terror but also the Pleasure of its more manly cousin. Think about it, boys.

Axis of Evel Knievel

What a brilliant archival find. It reminds me vaguely of the article I once found in a Texas medical journal — probably from around the same period — arguing for a connection between kleptomania and rectal disease. I was suffering as a temp at the time and desperately avoiding work on my dissertation, and as it turns out I was stealing massive quantities of office supplies from the mutual fund company where I worked. Finding that article really clarified things for me.


"...a public society for the promotion of breasts?..."

In Britain, it's called Page Three of The Sun.

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