Friday, 04 November 2005

Female Sci-Fi Fans Hate, Love Keanu Steeled against all stuff distaff and with every intent to insult, Adam Roberts characterizes the appeal of science fiction to its legion female fans as follows: "[The Matrix] had Keanu Reeves running around in leather, which helped." Debate and hilarity ensue: Cheryl admonishes to him to abandon his closet: "I’m not sure what Adam Roberts has been smoking though. You might want to watch Keanu Reeves running around in leather, Adam dear, but I have better things to do with my life." Book Stud (who, despite her name, is a woman) comes to his defense: "And I think we can all agree on the leather – whether it’s worn by Keanu or Carrie Ann. Mmmm, leather." Adam Roberts also does a decent job defending him . . . oh, I see now, himself. Good show! Denizens of Slashdot, on the other hand, started to discuss the article but were quickly derailed by talk of short skirts and concluded by praising LINUX. I feel no need to defend him, as the women I know who watch science-fiction—wife excluded, since she never watched science fiction prior to our hooking up— say things "Keanu, leather, Mm, Keanu, Dance Party Zion, Mmm, The Groosalugg, calf-skin, bulging pecs, Mmmm." So I don't doubt that the mainstreaming of science fiction over the past decade has had two effects: 1) more Mmmm-worthy actors and actresses starring in science fiction films and series and 2) more high quality directors and writers willing to work on them. This logic even applies to the scum clinging to the underside of the barrel. Just compare the production values of this to those of this. (Thanks to Rich for pointing this out.)

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