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Tuesday, 27 December 2005


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There is something quite lovely about reading everybodys early MLA posts and knowing that, not only am I totally not going there this year (for only the second time since 1996), Im not even on the same continent. Why is it that avo... [Read More]


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Ray Davis

Except for wishing my job-hunting friends well I feel zero interest in the MLA, but it pisses me off royally that John & Belle have never invited me to dinner. Didn't Cory tell them how gracious I was? For an old guy, anyway?

Ray Davis

I'd like to take that last remark back, since I haven't yet invited them to dinner, either. Fair's fair.

Another Damned Medievalist

Damn. You guys make me feel all dumb and shit.

Scott Eric Kaufman

I can't believe I missed this comment:

ADM, we should. But only because we are totally Airwolf. I'm sure your intellection passes muster among normal folks.


What does it mean when ads (for jobs in India) are posted in your archives?
Exceptionally smart robots or exceptionally stupid people?

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