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Thursday, 29 December 2005


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ben wolfson

"ben wolfson", as I've stated more than a few times at unfogged, is a pseudonym.

Real-sounding names make much better pseudonyms than fake-sounding names, because you never get morons telling you to put your real name to your words if you really believe them.

Kevin Andre Elliott

My online name is my real name. Sometimes I wonder about the wisdom of using my real name online. When it comes down to it, though, I feel comfortable attaching my real name to my words, even when I'm being bitchy and irrational (which unfortunately occurs more than I'd like).

Oh, I also use "Tripmaster" occasionally as a handle (on forums and such), but it would take all of five minutes to trace the name back to me.


Sometimes initials can be pseudonyms, too.

Ray Davis

I was adopted, so I have a built-in pseudonym.


I think it's dishonest to go by a seemingly real name that isn't, unless you're careful to make sure everybody who reads you knows it. Typically it's an unintentional and innoccuous dishonesty, but it's still dishonest because it misleads and in particular because you ought to know it misleads.


You seem to be running into and attending talks by bloggers. How largely does the blogosphere loom at the MLA? And is it a sort of inside secret of those who blog and read blogs, or is it something that pretty much anybody is liable to mention?

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