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Wednesday, 28 December 2005


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You told us you're deaf. Was that silliness? Or how do you lip read through walls? (and are you ever in the room with Clark Kent at the same time?)

Scott Eric Kaufman

They were screaming that loud. Also throwing things, it felt like. All's quiet tonight though, so I may yet recover from my first all-nighter in years.


Interviews go on all week! Some schools might be interviewing 15+ people for a single position, and they can end up dragging out over several days.


Last year at the MLA, while my wife and I didn't fight in our hotel room, she did (reportedly) cry profusely through my first interview. Right from the moment I left the room, all suited up in my fancy Men's Wearhouse suit.

It's that stressful - even for spouses.

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