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Friday, 23 December 2005


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We wish you a Scotty Birthday


Happy birthday, Scott!

academic coach

how 'bout, "Joy to the world, the Kauf-king's born..."

Adam Roberts

Of course 'Scott' is German for 'Frosty', 'Eric' for 'the', and 'Kauf' means 'snow' in the same language. As far as I understand it ...

Have a great holiday, and a happy birthday.


"This, this is Scott the King,
Whom shepherds guard and angels sing"

Rich Puchalsky

Come on, people, Scott is totally Rudolph. The exhibitionist attention-seeking, the obsessive peer concern, the general youthful and, er, four-legged (?) quality.

I was going to write a whole version of the song, too, with Lacanians leaping with glee and all, but you know what? That song sucks. It even sucks as parody. And no one ever thinks these things are as funny as I do anyway. (I wrote a complete parody version of "Anarchy in the U.K." for John Emerson, and did he laugh? No. How could you not laugh at reversing "Is this the MPLA" to "Is this the PMLA"? No, don't answer that.)


Happy birthday, Scott! Remember that this is also your Chanukkah greeting this year, as we agreed.

Beth Black

Happy birthday, Scott! Mazel tov!

Rich Puchalsky

Oops -- I should actually wish you a Happy Birthday as well.

In the category of "meaningless gossip to fellow frequent commenters", I nearly almost acquired a copy of Adam Roberts' _Stone_ today. It was sitting in a dusty warehouse near a place I'm visiting in Maryland, USA; a hardback signed with an imposing yet readable scrawl. Fifty dollars marked down to $16. I'm still looking, sadly, since I know that I can get a paperback for half that. Did you know that there is no copy of this book anywhere within the library system of western and central Massachusetts? (Perhaps their filing system is confused because they refer to him as "Roberts Adam Adam Charles".)

Kevin Andre Elliott

Hey! Happy Birthday!

Ray Davis

Kaufman loves me, this I know
For his blogroll tells me so....

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