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Tuesday, 21 February 2006


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I know for a fact that idiots like this do exist and do email their teachers.

By the way, did I ever tell you that one of my A minuses was converted to an A?

N. Pepperell

I was just thinking about this issue after receiving an email from a student yesterday. The student was asking for special consideration, and the email was actually courteous and decently written, but the student's personal email address fell into "need to know basis" territory - and I *really* didn't need to know...


*cough* lil' b!&#% *cough*

One of these days I should 'learn' you how to track the lil' b's. It's more fun if you put a little scare into them. They get off on their false anonymity.

Jamie Bodie

Why the harsh judgements Scott? Everyone tells him he should be a writer.
Isn't that critical piece of evidence reason enough to accomodate this obviously gifted righter and geographer?

Noah Cicero

That was awesome

Ancrene Wiseass

Wait! I thought Jimmy was my epistolary romance. Now I find out that he's been corresponding with other instructors?



Another Damned Medievalist

Scott -- make sure you read the comment threads at Easily Distracted and xoom before you judge too harshly ... ;-)



Marcia Adair

Well done!

courtney baum

I think you should have asked for a writing sample from him or even multiple writing samples to decipher if he is ready for literary journalism or maybe he should be in a higher writing class for his emails were so well written.


I was particularly struck by this phrase, "... if work is the reason you cannot Tuesday sessions."

pertrique mutour

want to be tought j0ornalism through computer

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