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Wednesday, 12 April 2006


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Rich Puchalsky

OK, this was funny.


I can relate with everything except your apparent love of the Mets. Incidentally, I recently discovered that the BBC has released a free version of the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" text-based game on their website for that Infocom classic's 20th anniversary. When I type "read book" or "grade essays" in the text-based game of my life, I often find myself there asking Ford, "What about my home?"


That was beyond funny. That was one of the .0004% of things on the Net that actually is, as the kids say in their web-speak parlance, LOL funny. Seriously, I was eating a sandwich, and I laughed and it kinda went down the wrong way and hurt my throat.

You bastard! See if I pay my bill!

Ancrene Wiseass

Man. I wish I could find an Elvish sword in my hair.


You need to crosspost this one to the Valve. Please. You can say that I ordered you to do it, if it becomes an issue.


You read blog
> add comment
You tell the blogger he is funnier than all get out and has helped to start your day off right.
> drink coffee
The coffee cup is empty
> get coffee
The coffee pot is empty
> work on dissertation
Without coffee in your hand you can not work on dissertation.

Partial Viewer

That was not only breathtakingly funny; it was also painfully familiar in more ways that I'd care to admit ...


Death came to that blog entry too slowly.

Bill Tozier

Maze. Twisty. All alike.

I have been here before.

History Geek

You are in a study overfilled with books. A lap top sits on the table.
>Turn on laptop
The laptop is already on.
>Look at screen
There is a blog on the screen.
>Read blog entry
Read. It is side spliting keyboard drenchingly funny.
You laugh.
> Die laughing.
You are dead.
>Comment on blog.
You are dead. The can not blog.


It's funny how easily you can write witty blog posts when you should be working on your dissertation!


amazing! let's go mets!!

Mason Porter

Very nice!

Being eaten by a grue would have saved me so much pain while trying to finish my dissertation...

I remember those Infocom adventures with great fondess...

Wax Banks


Your score has just gone up by 30.

Mark Hartong

Can the gnu eat my dissertation committee?????

Heidi Harley

this is incredibly funny. Funny funny funny funny. FREAKIN' funny. hooray!

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