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Monday, 24 April 2006


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Mike S

You know, I gotta hand it to Mr. Hernandez: he had the courage to say what's been on the minds of downtrodden husbands for quite some time.

I mean, it's really pretty simple. Men are strong, rational, and terrible with a spatula. Women are frail, semiotic, and decorative.

P.S. The odds are running 5-1 that this thread arouses more indignation than laughter.

History Geek

Flames..flames on the side of my face.

*gets out her broadsword*

Scott Eric Kaufman

I'm sorry, History Geek, but I'll need to see a note from your man before I let you brandish that broadsword. Them's the rules, unfortunately. The patriarchy and I just enforce 'em.

UK plc

Hahahahaha. Excellent post.

well, hernandez sure nuff made a grade A #1 ass of himself. especially the comparing her to morganna the boobs AFTER he found out she was a trainer.

i would guess if it was 1947 you would have heard
- hey - isn't that a COLORED over there in the brooklyn dugout? what is one of Them People doin there?? they shouldn't be allowed in the dugout

and i would guess the desk sergeant hear this when the first female cop got in a squad car.
and i would guess the head of the hospital heard it when the first woman doctor was hired

and it is time for mr hernandez to grow the **** up

baseball chick
(a actual housewife)

and now if you excuse me i gotta go get the kidsss up from their nap


Leave it to Keith to take a shot at San Diego's attempt to make baseball a little less gay.

History Geek

Would a note from a random man I've threatened at sword point count?

courtney baum

It is amazing how one comment can ruffle up so many feathers. People swear we have surpassed old ways of gender, but still there are fallbacks to the traditional ways. The question is just because a male made a comment like that does it make sense to get all feminism on him? No it is a comment and women make comments all the time on mens stupidity, etc. I liked the style that Scott used in incorporating a daily "wife/mother" duty along with a respectful career. It was a smooth transition between points.

T. Scrivener

You know, what we need to do is set up a match. Scott's elvish sword of great antiquity v History geek's broadsword


He was on the money - at least with the MLB rules.

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