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Friday, 19 May 2006


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Nebraska didn't put you to sleep? I always find songs about baton-twirling girls going on killing sprees with boyfriends from Lincoln to the Badlands very relaxing. Killed everything in his path? I can feel myself drifting--just like a guy strapped into the electric chair, with his pretty baby on his lap.


Yeah, I tried Nebraska for road trip music a couple of weeks ago and discovered that I kept paying attention to the lyrics and not the road. A related problem, I think.

Scott Eric Kaufman

Kate, don't listen to Gary. He's just bitter I "stole" his copy of The River. He's just mocking me, mercilessly and effectively, the bastard.

That said, I can see how Nebraska would be a terrible driving album: every time someone on it gets into a car, they're running from the law, by which I mean "their brother," having just murdered someone after impregnating the prom queen. You're bound to get pulled over playing it.

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