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Friday, 12 May 2006


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Belle Lettre

A really excellent post. I love those pretentious, wannabe Paris Review, faux Egoist literary mags like n+1 or The Believer. But as pleasurable as it is reading such magazines, there are certain traps that befall first person journalists (and bloggers, like myself)--mainly that solipsism that compels them (us) to extract from every personal experience or a ha! moment some Universal Truth. Wouldn't I love to connect my eclectism in music taste to my adhoc approach to anti-discrimination law to my love of both colonial and post-colonial literature and form a oxymoronic Unified Theory of Dilettantism. But somehow, I don't think there is one...maybe some questions are best left unexplained by superficial and untenable theories.

Then again, the people least able to avoid making weird analogies are lawyers and literary critics. We're more alike than you think. I think I just offended a whole bunch of people on both sides.

La Lecturess

Moreover, two of the n+1 editors are advanced Ph.D. candidates--at least one of whom is a very, very smart & sophisticated critic. You'd think *they'd* know better, too.

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