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Wednesday, 24 May 2006


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What's hilarious about this is that *you're* the one that feels embarrassed. As opposed to my academic nightmare of saying "oh, I like so-and-so" and then having someone say, "oh, then you must also like such-and-such, who they work with" and totally drawing a blank. If you'd been the svelte young man, you'd have been as mortified as you were being you, I'd expect.

Scott Eric Kaufman

Probably, but then again, I wouldn't have claimed to read something I haven't read. I sometimes claim not to have read things I have. I call it "the five year rule."


It is a horrid thing to claim you have read something you haven't or to claim you have done anything you haven't because even if you are full of the best BS something will catch up to you. I had this one bad incident where I was looking through a book of European photography while I was waiting for my girlfriend to meet me for dinner. This gorgeous guy approaches me and said he noticed the book I was looking at and started to talk to me about Europe and then brought up this European author who he suggested I read. And I said I had heard of him and he asked if I read this one book, which I now know is the book he is known for so if I heard of him I would have heard of this book, and I said yes. He starts talking about the book and automatically realizes I have no idea what he is talking about. It was a perfect time as any to make an ass out of myself I guess.

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