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Friday, 05 May 2006


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You don't think it's an exploration of vulnerability? "Assume the position," and all that?


Ethel Milton Merman on the whupee cushion! Thar's no bidness like show-bidness....


I don't know about The Position, but you should definitely find out if Fish still likes to play basketball during lecture visits. No experience in life really matches up to playing shirts and skins with Stanley Fish, particularly when his side is skins. I had the pleasure of guarding him, and I can say that you really haven't lived until you've been trash-talked by a shirtless Stanley Fish.

Scott Eric Kaufman

You know, I still tell that story every time someone mentions Fish. See, you're year out here wasn't a complete waste: I got a story out of it.


I'm glad I could be of service to you--I told the story the few times Fish came up in law school, too, and I think it probably still has mileage left on it. I guess increasing the geographic distribution of my story about Fish's shirtless Laimbeer-style defense was the true purpose of my short stay as a grad student.

Ken Houghton

Nice to see Fish treat Bart Giamatti as a Noble Being.

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