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Wednesday, 03 May 2006


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I can't believe you wore ear phones in front of Gay Talese. I can't believe I used a contraction in the same sentence with Gay Talese's name. Twice.

Scott Eric Kaufman

I know, I know, but fortunately I was carrying a bag full of puppies.

N. Pepperell

Maybe it's just me, but... ick...

Scott Eric Kaufman

N.P., c'mon now! It's a bag full of puppies!

The Management

Certain parts of this thread have been redacted to conform to U.S. Office on Family Values in Online Communications' (USOF VOC) Standards. Furthermore, The Management attempted to create a clever backronym but had only one cup of coffee so far, so it's sticking with USOF VOC. Thank you.

ben wolfson

My civil rights have been violated!

The Management

Take it up with The Managem . . . right, crap.


Scott, most women can tell the difference between an interlocutor looking at their tits and looking at their mouth. The mouth is on the face which is in a different position to the tits. Higher up on the body.

Scott Eric Kaufman

While I'm sure they can, that doesn't obviate the point that, since hitting puberty, I've had to deal with this on a regular basis. It may be because women are, rightly, sensitive about men who break eye contact and head south. I imagine it happens frequently enough, and that after a point, the annoyance is there whether the eyes drift that far south or only to lips.

That said, I can say that I know there's some problem, since it crops up on a regular basis, especially when I speak to a woman for the first time. I regularly make new female acquaintances extremely uncomfortable, and after I've explained that I was reading their lips, they laugh it off and inform me they thought my eyes had drifted farther south. In other words, while I'm sure women can discriminate, I'm not sure that in social situations which involve the introduction of a strange male who seemingly refuses to make eye contact, that they do. And, as I said, with the louse-to-human ratio being what it is, I'm not surprised.


If mens' crotches were on their chests, women would have the exact same problem.

And no, that didn't sound quite right. I meant to say, "straight or bi-sexual women." At least a three or four on the six-point scale, anyway.


Matt - bullshit.

Firstly, breasts are not eye-magnets. The 'compulsion' to stare is not unbeatable - I might suggest that it actually stems from a focus on that woman's fleshy assets as opposed to what she has to say for herself ... and this is something endemic to the male population as opposed to the female.

Secondly, do you really think that your willy is that attention-grabbing? Jesus.


I might suggest that it actually stems from a focus on that woman's fleshy assets as opposed to what she has to say for herself ...

Wait, staring at breasts stems from an interest in breasts? Dude, you're blowing my mind.

(Also, Scott, how excited are you to be the future number one google result for "fleshy assets"?)

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