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Wednesday, 10 May 2006


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History Geek

The Opposite of "Disgruntled"?

Hmm...I'm not sure. I haven't been anything but disgruntled for a while now. Let me know how the 'gruntled' works out.


The opposite of disgruntled might be contented.

This is message has been brought to you by 'me being an ass'.

Very clever.

You are playing with a full deck of cards, and I am in full possession of my marbles when I say that.

Belle Lettre

Okay, so I while I had my marbles, I obviously lost my cookies. The previous comment was mine.

History Geek

Hey, at least you didn't have a screw come losse.

Dr. Virago

Hey, so did you know that "gruntled" isn't the opposite of "disgruntled," but the same? Apparently the "dis" is an intensifier. I looked it up in the OED once long ago, but I admit I haven't done a deeper search.

Just thought you'd be interested. I know, I'm being pedantic. I'll stop now.

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