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Friday, 02 June 2006


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David R. Block

Say beertender, I'll have what Scott's having. Just without the scary hallucinations, OK? Because I already did my "hit by a car" bit about 30 years ago. Dang, I'm getting old.

Thanks. A good old German dark beer, please. Yeah, I'll include it in my carb count.

Good explanation for what happened though. But what if you don't have a blog?

The Little Womedievalist

Heh... this is what happens when I read your blog, DH. I am now seeing little animated Twiggies (Twiggy-ies?) running across my wrapping-paper mappamundi...

The Management

Sorry about that. I decided to clean out my "Junk Mail" folder today and found about seventeen chain letters in there, all of which are represented, in part, above. I just thought I'd punch 'em up a bit with some ambiguous interlacing which calls into question whether the chain-letter-writers are Really Really dead or a dysfunctional scam family preying on the innocent while remaining, well, conventionally dysfunctional.

P.S. David, that'd be a vodka tonic on the rocks.

David R. Block

That's good. Or a Vodka Collins, but those things are too sweet for me any more.


don't forget the lime in the vodka tonic. I SAID LIME NOT TWIST!! SHIT! BITCH. AND IF, IF I FIND ONE FUCKING SEED FLOATING IN MY CUP... If you don't tip your bartender the one you love will tell you you're an ugly cow and you will die an old maid. of the cow. that you are.


seeds floating in my drink would be the end of that night for I saw what happened to my friend when she was suprised by a seed in her drink. This one night my friend, who is a functioning alcoholic, go out and she orders her drink, as well, a vodic tonic and ends up choking on a seed while we are talking to a group of guys at the bar. This is the girl I love to go out with because she is gorgeous and we always meet tons of guys when we go out together and she ends up choking with her drink spilling out of her mouth, her face turning red, and then a seed spitting out of her mouth. HORRIBLE experience and now her drink is no longer the amazing vodic tonic.


wow that was like a confuseing story it would like just switch but it was cool!!


My sweetie sent me a link to this post when it was first posted but that was while nursing school was still in session so I didn't read it until today and...

Damn, that chain-letter-writing syntax is infectious!

I personally dont like it because of all the bad mouth language, and i also really dont understand it that much. It is very confusing.bla bla bla bla



Kacey Pennington

this was very bad and confusing at the same time. but my friend really had an interesting feeling about this chain letter and she thought it was interesting her name was.............. ANNA ANNA ANNA ANNA ANNA ANNA


this is like so lame. my little sister wrote a scarier chain letter and it consisted of scribles. i need gore for my myspace. i need viruses. i need death literaly. i mean this life sux like so bad. you know i have terible luck. i could go and jump off a 100 story building and the worst that would happen is that i breack a leg. maybe if i stop wishing to die. hey get off. sorry. that was my little sister typing. well i was going to write. this is like such a lame chain letter. my little sister could write a better one. i need something gory for my myspace blog. i need death. literaly. i could jump off a thousand storie building and the worst that would happen is that i breack an arm or a leg. it realy sux. im gona push that bastard off the balcony i swear.

Scott Eric Kaufman

For some reason, I find the continued commenting on this post extremely gratifying. Everyone should regularly comment on things buried deep in my archives. (Especially if said comments are as juvenile as the mindset I mocked in the post.)


i didn't get a crap of that conversation!!

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