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Monday, 07 August 2006


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N. Pepperell

Just trying to make sure I understand your question: when I look at the Technorati page, I don't see that it contradicts itself on the number of blogs who link to you, but on the number of links you're receiving (i.e., up above, it suggests 699 links, and a bit lower down it suggests 957 links - but it only mentions, to my admittedly teaching-blurred vision, 264 blogs...).

So maybe you can feel secure about the number of blogs (at least within a time frame), but a bit less certain about the number of links... I can't find any quick explanation for the difference in link numbers - could be timeframe, could be rationalisation of similar links...

Kerry Higgins Wendt

Could it be because of duplicate posts? On this page, it says that 6 duplicate posts have been removed.

FYI, I've linked to you a couple of times, and my blog is not indexed on Technorati.


You'd also have to take into account links back to yourself via The Valve or things like trackbacks, etc. from your own blog that link back to you, right?

This post doesn't answer any questions, but people clearly share your confusion. I have no idea what the discrepancy means, though it appears to happen on every Technorati page I look at, if that makes you feel a bit better.

And for what it's worth, I link to you.

Armchair Anarchist

Greetings, Mr. Kaufmann; just to reinstate my existance as a real blogger and not an automated script somewhere in the Ukraine. I have linked (and do link) to you, sir.

Armchair Anarchist

Of course, when I linked to you I actually took the care not to add an extra letter to your surname. D'oh.

Timothy Burke

I share your confusion, or maybe more importantly, I recognize the same problem. Just today I decided to scare up my old post on the book Eragon, from my old blog URL, and it was fascinating. The highest link came from my archive page, but the rest were Russian, Italian and other spam blogs, pretty much. Very depressing, because that's a complete change from the links that post got when it first came out. Either those other links have disappeared, or aren't being tracked, or something.

Basically, I think Technorati has lost the struggle that Google is still gamely fighting. I get much cleaner results from Blogpulse. At this point I have no sense of how to read Technorati results any more.


My theory has always been that the first number comes from blogrolls, and the second number comes from links inside the text.

Scott Eric Kaufman

Comments are working ... strangely, but working again. On to the show:

George, I'm not sure how'd that work, since I don't think they have a relationship with Blogrolling or anything of the sort, and there's no way to differentiate the HTML of my sidebar from what's in the text.

Kerry, that page you linked is obsessed with Technorati stats and such. I suppose someone has to keep the pressure on them for the rest of us. (Not that it's working ... ) Anyhow, since I don't want to seem like a stalker, I'll say that I'd be interested to see what you've linked to of mine and you comments about it. Unless they're like "JACKASS-WITH-A-LASER!" (Actually, even then.)

Bryan, I've actually been meaning to add you to the blog-roll, but I wanted to wait until your gracious words about Y.T. were deep in the archives, so as to hide my solipsism from the world.

A.A., no problem. I just started reading you when you commented a week or so ago (could've been longer, as time slows to a halt here in Dissertation Land).

I think, however, that I'm going to go with Mr. Burke. I don't think I can trust Technorati any farther than I can throw my laptop, and I'm not about to even test how far that is. (I was a 3B and still have a cannon ... one I don't want to use on my precious laptop.) I haven't tried Blogpulse, but I suppose what I should do now is some cross evaluation. I'm off!

... ?

It seems relevant to note that I linked to you. I don't think Livejournal is big on the spam blogs, though. Whiny teenagers, yes. Spam blogs, not so much.


I link to you fairly often (because I find you highly amusing) and you are a permanent link in my blog list(s)mania.

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