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Thursday, 31 August 2006


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Yuck. TNR.

But one thing that you notice when you look at the contributors list is the near absense of assistant professors from the mix. The sole exception is David Greenberg, who publishes widely in non-academic print venues already. I understand that it's an all-star blog, but blogging will have truly arrived, perhaps, when someone pretenure can take it up without, say, using a pseudonym, like this assistant professor.

Scott Eric Kaufman

Agreed. I'm considering offering myself up, pre-pre-tenure (pre-job, actually) for the inaugural "nobody who made it through the blogs." We'll see how it works out.

N. Pepperell

On the "how will they deal with trolling" front, I notice that commenting is restricted to paid subscribers, which should significantly minimise the problem, with the side effect of significantly narrowing the pool of potential respondents...


Yes, that's a sneaky little tactic. Which will really kill the place as a comment blog to be sure - which is ultimately what makes for return customers at most places. Maybe this will be different?

Before I realized the deal with the comments, I kept thinking "geez - quiet around here. You'd think with all the linkage they'd be drawing some traffic..."

Scott, have you considered making people pay to comment on here?

N. Pepperell

Gives a whole new meaning to "my two cents worth"...

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