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Monday, 11 September 2006


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Rich Puchalsky

Ah, memories. There's a lot of good stuff in this list, actually.

If I'm ever not quite as busy as I am now, I'm planning on doing a piece on On. Adam Roberts'_On_, that is.


Great stuff. However, in the "Yes, I'm Humoring You" section, all of the links from the Derrida comic on actually connect to the "woe unto ye beetles" Darwin entry.


Actually, it looks like a number of the links don't actually go to the correct post. It's not just my computer being screwy, no?

Scott Eric Kaufmann

That was peculiar. I copied the HTML from the sidebar, so there was no reason it should've obsessed with particular links ... but no matter, as I've corrected all the links. They now all head in the direction I pointed. Thanks for alerting me to the foolish trust I put in Ctrl-V.

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