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Wednesday, 27 September 2006


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Indeed! I recommend W. K. Wimsatt Jr.'s "Poe and the Chess Automaton". Keep the chess anecdotes coming!

Scott Eric Kaufman

Oof, beaten to the punch by Wimsatt, of all people. For those with access to JSTOR, here's a link to the Wimsatt essay. In a footnote on the third page, you'll find much of what I wrote here, only nothing about the correspondence with Weir Mitchell's father.

Rich Puchalsky

Dissertation Fear #25: Even when you have a brief flash of discovery, and think that you're on to something important, you'll find that the discovery was made a long time ago by a well-known but out-of-fashion person in your field, and even then merited only a footnote.

Rob MacD

Excellent discovery, and I'll bet your Itchell is none other than he. A wise man once said (well, OK, it was just me), in another blog post about the chess-playing Turk: Everything connects to everything, especially the topic of one’s own dissertation.

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