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Sunday, 08 October 2006


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N. Pepperell

It's important that we keep our journals up to date...

Jessica L.

You have to wonder about these "scientific" types who find a snake, have a stick and look for stuff to affix to it. It's like they're living in the 17th century. That's not an excuse. People have whacked things with sticks since time immemorial. I bet these farmers were just dandies.


It's very important to carry a long clefted ftick when dealing with the rattle-snakes.

Adam Roberts

There's just an awful lot to like here; as, viz the report seems certain the snake was a female ('but she was killed with it in less than half an hour's time'), which must mean they sexed the snake before playing it that Nirvana song giving it the potion. It's the attention to detail that separates the great scientist from the chaff.

Also the last paragraph of the previous report is very intriguing. It appears to be discussing a theory that the Pharoahs stopped building pyramids because they thought the Red Sea was about to flood the whole of Egypt. Not a theory I've heard before. And the line with which it ends: '...great appearance of fucceff at firft.'


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