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Saturday, 07 October 2006


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The neurophilosopher

Psst! Check your spelling in the second sentence.

You probably didn't come across the few bits and pieces I've had published in one of the neuroscience journals you've been reading. But then that doesn't really matter. They're 6 years old now, so they're hardly current any more. In fact, it was so long ago, that I hardly remember which bits I wrote myself!

Scott Eric Kaufman

In my defense, I hadn't meant to publish that, but save it as a draft. C'est la vie. I hadn't run across that article, as I've been focusing on 2003-2006 material. (Not that I'm necessarily the best person to judge, mind you: it takes me hours to read through and make sense of the articles.) I'll check out yours tonight or tomorrow, as I'm going to misbehave and spend the day personally collecting data for The Center for the Study of the Positioning of David Wright Relative to the Third Base Line.

Wax Banks

I wrote up a response to this but it was deemed by the GF declassé (sp?), on account of I apparently felt it was appropriate to provide a kind of rudimentary statistical analysis of the set of women with whom I've copulated or otherwise been intimate. She's not wrong, it was total bullshit. (I'm dating up, along a number of axes. Mustn't mess this one up.) Don't want you to think this post is just...dangling there, unanswered.

When I learn the importance of taste and restraint I'll finally post it and diddle the Trackback organ, no question. But as per 'taste' and 'restraint' concerns I won't use the word 'diddle' when I do.

Scott Eric Kaufman

I eagerly await your unwise diddlings.

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