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Sunday, 29 October 2006


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I'm in History at Emory. Learned of you through Cliopatria.

Jill Reznik

Graduate student, English.

Scott Eric Kaufman

A.K. and Jill, thanks for the prompt responses. You both get gold stars. But just remember, actual names and email addresses aren't required. I want a raw number, not evidence to turn over to AT&T when net neutrality's strangled by some murdermonger.

Rich Puchalsky

I've never been able to figure out my profession exactly, but perhaps "freelance librarian" is shortest.

A White Bear

Hi there, Scott. I'm in English, 18th century, and I also do special collections work.

Amanda R.

Former academic, now in Admin. at UCI.

N. Pepperell

Hmm... How to stand up and be counted...

I'm currently doing an ethnographic PhD in a department of environment and planning, was originally trained as an historian and then as a sociologist, and could muddy the waters even more if we talked about my professional history...

If we want to be all subjective about it, when pushed, I call myself a social theorist... Or you can just put me in "other"... ;-P


English, but mostly New Media, at University at Albany

A Non A Mouse

As requested, I am posting a non a mousely and because I really dislike government snoops.

Profession: Landscape Architecture, Urban & Regional Planning, Urban Design, and Public Administration (Both the public and private sectors)


Btw, Scott. If it's any consolation about the horrid time-slot, mine's also at 8:30am. I've heard that if you want a better slot, you have to sleep with a member of the executive council. Or Spivak.

Vance Maverick

Computer scientist (PhD, even for a while a postdoc), now working in Silicon Valley.

Joseph Kugelmass

Fourth year at UC Irvine, going for a PhD in English. Best of luck!


I'm an undergraduate UCI English and Literary Journalism major which probably doesn't count as academic or professional or human being, but I wanted to chime in just the same.

Christopher Ervin

Most recently, undergraduate at the University of Oregon, working towards a BA in English -- although I currently am looking for a new university to transfer to between my shifts at Bed Bath & Beyond.

A Non A Mouser

Not an academic, just a reader of books and blogs.

Oh, and I work in a grocery store.

Managing inventory.

With tears.


Man with a woman's name--not necessarily that one--Comp. Lit., UFL.

Adam Roberts

I'm an internationally renowned expert in the mathematics of infinity. [scratches chin] Or am I? Hmm.

Chad Orzel

I'm a physics professor at Union. I'm in the middle of the tenure review process right now, so the exact title may change from "assistant" to "associate" or "assistant" to "dead man walking" before your panel actually takes place...

James Joyce

English Ph.D. student.



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