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Friday, 24 November 2006


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Karl Steel

the techniques which warp history into something greater, more revealing, than brute chronicled facts.

of course selection ensure that no collection of facts is simply a set of facts free of narrative. I just googled hayden + white + annals, and I got a quite quite interesting little article by Marilyn Robinson* Waldman, ""The Otherwise Unnoteworthy Year 711": A Reply to Hayden White," Critical Inquiry 7 (1981): 784-92. Waldman observes, among other things, that viewing lists in Annals as brute sets of facts awaiting the arrival of full-blown narrative history relies not only on a facile distinction between narrative and non-narrative forms, it's also, for various reasons, Eurocentric. Short article, (still) worth reading.

* Not the same as Marilynne Robinson.

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