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Monday, 04 December 2006


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Anthony Paul Smith

Why didn't you just type it up with +'s and then do "replace all"?


Another interesting panel, Wednesday at 7:00pm is "Disability and Science Fiction," where Samuel Delany himself will be giving a paper. I too will probably go to the "American Literary Historiography, Then and Now" panel, though.

Scott Eric Kaufman

Anthony, I'm not sure. I'd need a WP that didn't insert junk into HTML like Word. (In other words, thanks!)

I missed that one too, Stephen. Why not spread the love around a little, MLA?

Also, do you think the My Chemical Romance discussion scared everyone away?

Mike S

I don't think the MCR discussion scared us away, Scott.

By the way, you're paying MCR quite a complement -- too generous of one, I'd say -- by mentioning them in the same sentence as Queen. Nevertheless, yours is a very interesting interpretation of The Black Parade.


You read too many secondary sources.

Scott Eric Kaufman

But they're all so very respectful!

Alex Leibowitz

Interesting. I wonder if Joanna Stalnaker is related to the philosopher Robert Stalnaker.

ben wolfson

I, too, wonder that.


Although I work mainly in Middle English, I can't imagine anyone seriously arguing that medieval studies is not highly comparative.

Mark Silverman

For those who were wondering -- Robert Stalnaker is Joanna Stalnaker's father.

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