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Wednesday, 27 December 2006


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Rich Puchalsky

I'd like to ship you a present for your panel at the MLA, Scott, unless it's too much trouble for you to deal with picking it up / handling it out to three other people in addition to everything else you're doing. So could you Email me with where you'll be staying? I'll have a package Fedexed to your hotel, assuming that such a thing is possible.

Karl Steel

I've heard only of Pudd’enhead Wilson. I'm pretty much a Pudd'enhead Wilson specialist. Or monomaniac.

SEK: If I can hack it, I want to come to your session tomorrow. It is tomorrow, yes, at noon? Where?

You know what bugs me? The decrease in the number of students who know Martianus Capella. It's probably been in steady decline since, oh, the 12th century. Damn those post-late-classical humanists!


Heck, I'm a lowly Commerce undergrad, and I've heard of Paul de Man.

OK, I was dating a guy doing his masters in English, but still ...

Mike S

“students haven’t the foggiest idea the history of literary criticism prior to the contemporary moment. Not simply the hegemony of New Criticism, but also the emergent struggle of the early postructuralists to revolutionize that earlier tradition."

Sadly, I think there's some truth to this.

I'd be interested to know how many of us had Brooks or de Man as required reading on either an undergrad or grad syllabus. I'd wager it's a small number.

I think it might have something to do with the fact that there are other writers/critics assigned in lieu of Brooks and de Man. Derrida occupies a more prominent canonical position than does de Man, and I'd say the same about Richards and Empson in relation to Brooks.


Is that you, CultureSpace? :P

Karl Steel

Liberty Ballroom, Salon C.

Liz Y.

Brooks and de Man were not on our syllabus, and I took criticism at UCI. But I have heard of them.

Adam Kotsko

The Western education system started going downhill as soon as we stopped using The Marriage of Mercury and Philology as a basic textbook.

Karl Steel

Adam: that's my joke! Look above.

SEK: next time I'll both read and bring along the MLA schedule. I just saw three lovely papers by A. Singh, M. Berube, and whossit Phenomenology from Virginia, but no paper by SEK. Why? Who knows. Time well spent.

ben wolfson

I've heard of all persons and texts mentioned, and I'm not even a lit person. You people must be in a state.

Adam Kotsko

I was echoing your joke, Karl. If this were Unfogged, my comment would have been preceded by the number corresponding to your comment, in order to make this clear. It was never my intention to steal your thunder, but rather to help it to resonate ever-further.

Karl Steel

A "god of thunder and rock and roll" K: my apologies for my thin skin.

Alex Leibowitz

It is interesting how the standards of 'education' vary widely (wildly) from field to field.


Brooks was on the reading list when I took Michael Clark's CR100A at UC Irvine--this would have been around 1990 or so. No de Man, though (although we did approach Derrida, with considerable trepidation).

Liz Y.

Miriam, we're still approaching Derrida with trepidation, believe me.

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