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Friday, 15 December 2006


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Abu Sahajj


This was one of the wittiest carnivals I've read yet, I'm glad to be a part of it, thanks.



What a creative way to put all of the postings together. I applaud your efforts and send you a very huge thank you for including my post.


Thanks for including my post and thanks for such an imaginative carnival. I njust did the Asian History Carnival and you've put me to shame- well done!


Excellent work!



Gavin Robinson

That's a fantastic read, but it's going to be a hard act to follow.

Submissions for the next History Carnival (15th January) can be e-mailed to, or use the submission form on the carnival site or the mailform on my blog.

Alex Leibowitz

This surely belongs under the heading, "If only they were representative".

Scott Eric Kaufman

Thanks to all who liked this. I went a little crazy, but finished lame. If I had another month to tweak it, the narrative would've been a little stronger. Well, when I rewrite this all for Acephalous: The Best of Years One & Two, it'll be much, much funnier.

P.S. Alex, I think you're looking at a cached version of this site, as I haven't had that in my sidebar for dog's years. But I'll take the compliment, as I like things that make me feel important.

Tim Lacy

Thanks for citing my work. I hope it was because it was decent?! Anyway, I had to come and look at your story (funny and witty!) when I had about 40-50 hits because of the link this weekend. - TL

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