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Tuesday, 23 January 2007


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N. Pepperell

I might hazard a guess that you're perhaps having a week like mine... ;-P Hang in there... :-)

Rich Puchalsky

Then he almost fell flat on his face on the floor
When he encountered more letters galore!
Letters that he'd never dreamed of before!

The most appropriate quote from On Beyond Zebra! seems to be:

"I've a letter called FLUNN. And the FLUNN is for Flunnel
A softish nice fellow who hides in a tunnel.
He only comes out of his hole, I'm afraid,
When the right kind of softish nice music is played
On a kind of a hunting horn called the o'Grunth.
And to learn how to play it takes month after month
Of practising, practising. Isn't much fun-th.
And, besides, it's quite heavy. Weighs almost a tun-th.
That's why few people bother to play the o'Grunth
So the Flunnel's been out of his tunnel just one-th"


Lovely! Thanks for making a hard day of unrewarding labor a little more amusing.

P.S. My Ma and Pa thought they wanted to read my master's thesis, until they actually tried to do so and... got bored. Sigh.


Don't quite know why but that's fantastic and uplifting!

Thanks Scott.


With only minor alterations (to G and L), I'm afraid to say that having landed the job, none of these have substantially changed. But from isolative despondency comes either great productivity or unfortunate drinking habits.

ben wolfson

UCI must have a really weird grading scale.

Tim Lacy

Funny! But I don't get 'K'. What am I missing? I thought that entry would fall under 'F', but you already had one there. - Tim

Scott Eric Kaufman

Odd that the "K" is so controversial -- certain members of the Kaufman household were also baffled by it -- but all I mean by it is the old copy-room standby:

"What are you doing?"

"Copying sample essays. Here's the A, the B..."

"Which one is that?"

"The K."

ben wolfson

If you like, I can pick on another letter. For instance, I thought that O should have ended with -uck or -it or something of that nature; you know, so that the [BLEEP]s in P would actually seem like censorship.

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