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Monday, 08 January 2007


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Vance Maverick

To be boring about this for a moment, his prediction probably seemed entirely reasonable at the time. Passing a constitutional amendment takes a lot of consent of the governed.

While I won't join in the mockery of his credentials, I will ding him for the phrase "the best people" -- even if one can imagine reading it without giggling, it renders the claim about trends unfalsifiable.

Scott Eric Kaufman

I wasn't mocking his credentials so much as the general locution "sometimes professor." In fact, I'm not-mocking his credentials, since in his case, the appellation fits.

As for effect of the rising temperance movement on his prediction, I think "social ostracism" and "federal prohibition" are two different beasts, no? I mean, the reason to ding him for the "best people" line is precisely because so many future "best people" would benefit from (or be created by) Prohibition. Jay Gatz, anyone?


E. Phemeral Sometime was a speculator who got rich just long enough to endow a chair, thus creating the Sometime Professor of Anatomy.

Kevin Y

Possibly he is a "Sometimes Professor" in the same way that cookies are a "Sometimes Food."

Porlock Junior

A professor is a sometimes thing. But could we sing something so disrepectful to the institution of Tenure?

Anyway, was he sometimes a professor or was he sometime professor of whatever (old-fashioned but not obscure academic jargon, surely). Or is their misprint with an extra s the point of the joke? It's getting late here.

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