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Saturday, 24 February 2007


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Is it Virgil? Does he want to see it?


Oh, Scott..

No long engagement of the sort required to produce—not even in his posts. Too long a commenter, I’ve come to believe, and you’ll never have the chops to make it as a blogger.

I guess this guy is never going to make it. Nice post you've got here, btw.


Scott Eric Kaufman

Actually, Pablo, as I've said before:

Comparing old Instapundit to new Instapundit depresses me. Where are all the one-liners? Whither the self-aggrandizing "asides" about his latest publication in a popular magazine or recently purchased gadget? He didn't mention working out once on that entire page.

Also, kudos on missing the point of what I wrote above. (It's right there in that seventh bullet.)

David R. Block

Pablo, give SEK a rest. "Unread [RSS] feeds" means he hasn't had a chance to read much from the bloggies this week.....

No need to rub it in that he's a bit behind, he KNOWS that already.


Does anyone recall if Charles Manson gets the dubious credit for: "No sense makes sense" ?


Does your depression devalue Prof. Reynolds' throne atop the blogosphere, Scott? Does it decrease his traffic or his revenue? I think not. He's the King of the Sphere, often in a dozen words or less.

Also, a link dump needn't really have a point, though my heart goes out to you in light of your scatteredness. I was simply admiring the brevity, verbosity being something of a damper on incisiveness.


"He's the King of the Sphere, often in a dozen words or less."

You must be joking.

The "ole perfesser" has less traffic than NRO and Salon has four times the traffic of either of them. Salon, if you recall, has been "going under" since 2001 (if you listen to people like Pablo).

No wonder Glenn Greenwald took that deal.

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