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Monday, 26 March 2007


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Adam Kotsko

I try to keep from having a method, so as to write really good reviews.

Eric Rauchway

my annoyance is such that I may even start a series in which I complain and complain and complain ...

Do it! Please.


I'll second that!

Don't forget to include the kind of review that mostly consists of the reviewer telling us about the book s/he would have written and criticising the reviewed book for not being it...

Clio Bluestocking

Sharon, YES! I was about to say the same thing.

Also, please explain the real function of a review. Is it to pad the review writer's c.v. and ego? Is it to indicate to other scholars that this is a worthy volume? Is it to act as a de facto advertisement for the publisher? Do reviews in any way affect anything having to do with scholarship? I'm very frustrated about reviews, and thought I was the only one.

Adam Kotsko

I think of reviews as a way to get free books. I was able to get "The Parallax View" months before it was released thanks to the fact that I was writing a review of it (or actually two, ridiculously enough).

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