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Sunday, 08 April 2007


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Liz Y.

Still classic.

Adam Kotsko

Oh, I get it -- it's based on that thing in Harper's. OMG, LOL!

Thats The Spirit

It's good you're keeping track.


Thanks, Liz.

Adam, I'm on to you.

That's the Spirit, if I didn't keep track, I'd spend all day writing comments on blogs ... crap.

Bourgeois Nerd

What is a CFP?


"Calls For Papers." Most are written by graduate students -- professors have their own, established networks to find panel-mates on -- and they're usually aggressively specific, so much so that I often think them a weird form of academic personal ads. "If you have the same dissertation as me, we should be on this panel together. Afterwards, I'll wine you, dine you, and then respect you in the morning ... after the commitment ceremony, we'll talk about our other interests, &c."


Shouldn't that be deities?

ben wolfson

No, "dieties" is correct. Scott's trying to slim his sentences down.


professors have their own, established networks to find panel-mates on

huh? really? Should I take it as a mark against me that no one has invited me to "join the network"?

and while you're at it, could you tell me where I pick up my key to the executive washroom? I've really gotta go, and I'm tired of papering the seat.


Chance that a former student thinks Kaufman is "rude and overly critical": 1 in 9

Percentage of students who do who refuse to edit their work ever: 100

It's so nice for someone to have this on record somewhere. I always feel lost and alone when I make this same judgment based on student work and later evaluations. Seems like everyone knows this goes on...except the students themselves...and an uncaring administration and clueless faculty peers (you know, the ones who proclaim to never have seen and instance of plagiarism or given a grade under B).


P.S. I was called "cruel" a few weeks ago for telling a student that she failed an assignment because she didn't learn the lesson on a day when she was goofing off in class. I wear that condemnation asa badge of honor.

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