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Tuesday, 22 May 2007


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A White Bear

Wow, she uses the word "imagery" to mean the same thing my students think it means, which is whatever you "imagine" while you engage with a text; QED, poems are about everything.

Joseph Kugelmass

Scott, thanks for the link. I was laughing out loud by the time we got here:

Because Tony and Phil are "the world," like in the poem you studiously studied, in which "things fall apart" and on which "anarchy is loosed." (Ann's absolutely right to ignore the "mere." It's a useless poetry word poets throw in when they need an extra beat.)

How a useless "reading" of Yeats and the death knell of fiction can sit together on one blog, in the same month, is one of those imponderables that science may never be able to answer.

Belle Lettre

Genius, Scott. Genius. I'm too amused to be offended at the slight jab at lawyers. :-)

I also have a law degree (or two), but I will never be able to match Althouse's reading skills. Then again, I am a graduate student.


Rich Puchalsky

Ann Althouse also has the ability to make Whitman cry.

Ann Althouse

LOL. You realize where you are is what is known as "The Althouse Vortex." Look it up. And enjoy your stay!

Ann Althouse

Question for you: Am I purporting to analyze the poem or to discern what the writers of "The Sopranos" mean to convey by quoting it?

Rich Puchalsky

Ann, since you like LOLs and other hip "Inter-tubes" (that's so funny!) phrases, there's this guy named Alex who you might like to meet. I think that you must be of similar ages, by some criterion, and you might like watching American Idol together or something. What price a vortex that causes the meeting of two sympathetic souls?


LOLZ! Anne is so l33t! She iz teh hotnezz. But Jeez Rich, I am 23, and she is like, what, like real old.

Besides I don't date right wingers and I certainly don't watch American Idol with them.

Scott Eric Kaufman


If "the Althouse Vortex" is a place where a pleasurable half-hour can be spent mocking those in possession of an undeserved sense of superioty, not only am I there, I'm thinking about buying some land and settling down.

As for your question for me: it's possible you're claiming that the writers of a show you love are insanely over-literal readers of poetry, but I have my doubts. There's no reason to praise a show you love by calling its writers idiots. (At least, I wouldn't do so.)


Nice save ... although I see that you don't actually deny watching American Idol. (That said, there are many people I wouldn't watch American Idol with either.)


You know, I thought about linking to that post of yours, but didn't want to suggest Ann had taken LSD, as that could lead to a lawsuit.


I hold up my hand. Saturday, 11 AM ITV (I think). Compulsive viewing.





Oh but she wouldn't -sue- just because of something you said about her on the Internets! That would be Wrong! And overreacting!

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