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Friday, 11 May 2007


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Scott McLemee

BOOO YA! (insert complicated series of high-fives and reciprocal fist-punching gestures here)

Joseph Kugelmass

Scott! Congratulations! That's so exciting.

Scott Eric Kaufman

Christ on a cracker, I don't blog for a week and I forget how to use the software. That's a draft, folks, or was supposed to be. Alas, it's a hypothetical situation. I'm still unpublished/unpublishable.

One day, though, maybe congratulations will be in order. For now, it's nongratulations all day, all night.


I didn't take it as an announcement, but as a satire. Nice one, too.


The ESPN-Academia coverage I'd *really* like to see:

Q: So, Scott, do you think the fans are going to support the upcoming walkout over academic salaries?

A: You know Bob, I think they'll understand that $11 million, for what we do, it's ... with these salary caps, you can't build a good team, develop a deep bench ... and to really be competitive you need top psychoanalytic critics to balance out your Deleuzeans and your new historicists ... it's worth it. This is a grand tradition we're talking about.

Q: That *is* true, Scott. Deconstruction is the great American pastime, like apple pie and invading small countries.

A: That it is, Bob.

The Necromancer

Way to take one for the team...

The Constructivist

I'd be happy if ESPN just covered women's golf. (LPGA interviews are usually more fun to read than others are to watch, but they'd probably be even more fun to watch, given the mix of atrocious cliches and actually interesting comments in them.)

Don't you think there is something to the experience of "getting in the zone" with writing as well as with sports? Or is that one of the things where you can see the sports results are actually good, but when you look back at the writing and only find two salvageable sentences you realize how much better it would be to be a professional athlete?

Adam Kotsko

This post is brilliant.



If ESPN covered the MLA, it probably couldn't be any more ridiculous than the press coverage the MLA actually does receive. Except, of course, for Margery Kempe's coverage, which can only be described as Truth.

Tim Lacy

You forgot to add some hip-hop, Snoop Dog-style flava:

My artikizzle fizzled with journizzle of the dystopinizzle last Dizzle-cember, so I took it to Subjectinizzle Snizzlestudies and fini-shnizzled it off with my new homies. - TL

Tim Lacy

PS - That may not come off as funny as I hoped, but man I had fun writing it. - TL


God it would be awesome if academic conferences had things like charging the pitcher's mound and body checking. Great post Scott.


Is a Saturday afternoon in Novermber approaching? Stay tuned.


With preview and the pause for comment verification, you'd think I'd have caught that typo.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Too bad you pasty white bitches won't ever get anywhere with your careers. You ain't real, bitches. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is steak and potatoes for life, deal with it.

Scott Eric Kaufman

Damn it, Floyd, I'd return your trash word-for-word, were it not for what happened to the last guy who did it. (Who, by the way, won that fight in the eyes of impartial observers.)

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