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Saturday, 12 May 2007


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Said work not being on the internet, I felt the need to transcribe it and slap it up there. I mean, who knows how many frustrated Googlers seek IRTNOG in vain?


That was f&#%ing brilliant. Where was this thing published?


It was published in The New Yorker way-back-when. Also, I'm not sure where those links came from ... but I don't like them. They're not in what I transcribed, they just sort of, I don't know, appeared. They'll be dealt with shortly.


Brilliant, indeed. The funniest bit is the idea, of course, that "readers" as a class would actually persist in trying to keep up with the volume of writers.... now we keep up with the actual volume of writers by watching them on TV and tracking their weight loss....

The Constructivist

Ah, but this describes stage 6 of blogadiction perfectly: "what readers really craved was not so much the contents of books, magazines, and papers as the assurance that they were not missing anything."


I read somewhere that the last person to have read everything was Coleridge. So I've been reading a lot of Coleridge, the theory being that a mastery of his work is also a mastery, at least, of all works until then. I can't tell you how distressing it is, though, to find that some of his works are fragments.

Mike S

"Brita said, "I read at home, I read in hotels, I take a book with me on a twenty-minute trip to the dentist. Then I read in the waiting room...I read on planes, I read in laundromats...""

--Mao II (p.56)

It took me all weekend to figure out why this White piece seemed familiar.

Adam Roberts

"Nutshell folded up, because, an expert said, the name was too long."

Superb stuff.

Mike S: "...why this White piece seemed familiar." Made me think of Newspeak. I wonder if Orwell read this piece?


Somehow vaguely Borgesesqe, methinks.


Jorge Luis Borges

Yes, the whole one-word thing sounds a lot like some of my works. It is nevertheless an obvious imposture, since it lacks any mention of mirrors, labyrinths, knife-fights, doubles or tigers.


what is E.B White thesis in Irtnog

CA People

How the author support his thesis?


Geral, E.B. White is basically trying to say in a satirical way that we must not surrender our need to actually absorb knowledge for the convenience of condensation. One word per day obviously can't keep us up with world literature.


What is the thesis and how does the author support it


No, my child, you must do your own homework.

John Androse

I'm a little confused on this piece. Would anyone care to explain?

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