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Thursday, 24 May 2007


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Rich Puchalsky

You're already on another blogging panel? This is begging for a Spinal Tap mockumentary treatment. You know: Scott figures that he can get more points in if he divides his talk into 11 "minutes" rather than 10 minutes; Scott shows off "The Blank Overhead", a projection accidentally erased that now serves as a meditation on where all our ideas come from; Scott in his latter days must speak at a blogging panel in the local Elks Lodge along with Kaye Grogan and as headliner the Fafblog guy, who doesn't show (with an advertisement showing "Tonight: THE MEDIUM LOBSTER, Kaye Grogan, also Scot Kaufmann"), finally, it is announced that Scott is big in Japan and gets to go on a final triumphant tour along with a translator and a quick study guide for Sailor Moon.




reenacting the very history of letters

Is the post going to be titled "Oxen of the Sun"?


Kotsko Versus Holbo!

Where do I buy tickets?

I need a flight NOW.

ben wolfson

Adam has consented to join a panel about (presumably) academic blogging? The mind boggles.

Rich Puchalsky

But Ben, that was always implicit, wasn't it? A post about the uselessness of academic blogging is still a post about academic blogging. Without a certified pessimist as well as an optimist, this couldn't be a proper subject for cultural dispute.

The Constructivist

Scott, when you make it big in Japan, be sure to have these guys show you around.

Mike S

Scott, where can I find the link to the podcast?

Adam Kotsko

Early on, I made a commitment to myself that I wouldn't do anything CV-able that related to blogging. Then I saw that there was a loophole: I could do CV-able things that were anti-blogging!

I'm a little unclear as to how I could suddenly discover this overlooked loophole to a rule that I myself made up, but that's how it played out.

Scott Eric Kaufman

Rich, as I said at the talk on Wednesday, I find it alternately elating and depressing that I can't land a panel related to, say, my dissertation, but that people can't seem to get enough of me talking about blogging about writing it.

Clever, Adam, clever.

Mike, as soon as Eric Rauchway tells me where it is, I'll 1) watch it in horror and 2) post a link.

Constructivist, when I make it Big In Japan, I'll be disappointed by anything less adventurous than Lost in Translation. I demand adventure when I travel. (As Adam will find out when I pelt him with paint balls from a makeshift blind.)

The Constructivist

You won't be disappointed, then. Seriously, Lost in Translation is super low-key by Macias and Co.'s standards. I wouldn't know from personal experience with them, not being in Tokyo and all, but I do like their blogs.

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