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Tuesday, 19 June 2007


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I remember when you weren't Eustace Tilley.

Scott Eric Kaufman

That, my dear friend, was over an hour ago. I am ascendant now, and have covers to grace. Toodles!


Well, if MMoore is reading this two things:

1) I'm not a crier, but I had tears in my eyes as I watched the Oprah thing. It was the greatest television of the last... well, in a long time.

2) Despite Scott's claim in the other thread that the target audience are the Dem candidates in the primaries, I had another amazing, tear producing experience a week later. My dad (republican, definitely on the anti-socialism side of the ledger came to visit). We were talking about this and that and out of the blue he asked me if I had seen Michael Moore on Oprah. (My dad watches Oprah? wtf?) He then started rattling on about what bullshit the health insurance system is. And, most stunningly of all, repeated just about word for word Oprah's epiphany about the police department and fire department and school and the rest. "Those things are socialist, but no one gets scared about them!" This absolutely blew my mind, and suggests that this film has already and will continue to have a potentially transformative effect upon this troubled nation of ours.

So, if he comes back around, thanks Michael. Amazing...

Tim Lacy

SEK: Will your new pseudonym, or radio handle, now be "Pirate"? If no, will you allow for "Neo-Pirate," "Pseudo-Pirate," or "Almost-Pirate"? - TL

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