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Wednesday, 04 July 2007


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Did you consider, as you prepared to chow down on your dehydrated beef stick, that you were depriving a hungry snake of its hard-earned bunny dinner? You bleeding heart liberals are all the same. Hypocrites, the lot of you!

Belle Lettre

So what did you end up having for dinner?

Luther Blissett

As the proud father of two bouncing bunnies, I can assure you that the rabbit was not the aggressor. Fans of *Donnie Darko* and Svankmeyer's *Alice* be damned, bunnies always have good intentions. If anything, the rabbit may have been trying to incorporate the snake into its warren. Rabbits are very federal and communistic in that way. When our three cats frolic with our two bunnies, the bunnies are in charge. They corrale the kitties like sheep dogs sheep.

Ginger Yellow

"Some things in life you can't control. The vodka you drink isn't one of those things."

Tell that to Ollie Reed's liver.

Karl Steel

They corrale the kitties like sheep dogs sheep

I can't help but read this sentence and be reminded of this one:

Buffalo buffalo buffalo.

Karl Steel

I should also say that I'm reminded of a key scene in Chretien de Troyes' Yvain in which our knight, coming across a dragon and a lion fighting in a forest clearing, hesitates, filled with fear and wonder, while he tries to determine on whose side he should intervene. He chooses the lion, and the lion, in gratitude, performs the gestures of fealty and becomes Yvain's companion (hence the other title of the romance, Chevalier au Lyon.

Would that your bunny had folded its precious little paws together too! Then you could brave the world together!

Rich Puchalsky

I dislike bunnies ever since a roommate had one as a pet -- disgusting non-housetraineable creatures. I would've helped the snake. For that matter, if I saw a lion and dragon fighting, and felt the need to intervene, I would've helped the dragon. I mean, lions are relatively ordinary.

Adam Roberts

You lizardophile, Rich.

Medieval Woman

Karl - we medievalists must be genetically linked in some way - that scene from Yvain was the first thing I thought of as well! Scott, I'm glad you intervened on the side of fluff (and that's just my personal predilection) - and if that bunny behaves true to form, I think you've won an ally. The next time you find yourself cornered in a dark alley by anything - be it wildebeest or lemming - I think you can expect your little cottontail to make an appearance and open up a can of whoop-ass...


Sorry the other comment reposted itself several times. But, the bunny could have been the one deprived of a nice snake stew for dinner:

Karl Steel

Karl - we medievalists must be genetically linked in some way

I'm your sister. (?) Or maybe your child, all Brood like.

Medieval Woman

Dear god - I thought you looked familiar! (wink). I love any movie where the keywords are: "Midget/Psychiatry/Experiment/Serial Killer/Mutant"...


You have always had a soft spot for furry creatures. As a child,the story goes, you wanted to play outside with the cute bears on our front lawn - in Canada - you did not understand that where little furry creatures could be found, big furry creatures might not be far behind or in this case a snake that wanted a bunny for dinner.

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