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Monday, 09 July 2007


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The Necromancer

Ah, for simpler times...Pastoral. Bovine, even.



What these people lacked were PHYSICAL THERAPISTS and HEALTH GURUS!


But they did, Jake, they did!

Rich Puchalsky

I forget who it was, but I remember reading in someone's biography -- or was it fiction? -- that he had a lifelong raging hatred for his father because his father forced him to chew each mouthful of food forty (or some similar number) of times.


William Gladstone's the one who started the chew-your-food-thirty-two-times fad (and was acknowledged as such in the articles above). I don't know quite which novel you're talking about though ... maybe one of Disraeli's? (ducks)


But they did, Jake, they did!

17.95? My paycheck from stuffing pillows in a factory all day can barely cover that price.

Doesn't the American military have a policy about chewing? Only 23 chews per bite and then there must be immediate swallowing?


$17.95? Really? Well then, there's always Project Gutenberg. (I only linked to the other because, damn it, I'm lazy.)


You should watch The Road to Wellville to get your creepy-health-craze and fucked-up-Victorian-sexuality game on. (well, I guess you could read it, but where's the fun in that?)

It will make excessive mastication (and Henry James) seem tame in comparison.


This is what happens when I bury my lede: the point isn't the chewing, but its resemblance to The Golden Bore! Get with the program, people. I'll have none of this your-own-agendizing on my blog!


Oh, I got it ---- the chewing is just more interesting than the James.

And couldn't you do something --- ok, no not evolutionary theory, but maybe something eco-critical --- about all the damn terrapins everyone is eating in Wharton and James?


I know, I know, my hatred of late James just burns so bright ...

... that said, I don't think there's anything to be done about the eating or terrapins. However, I recommend you don't read The Voyage of the Beagle, as I don't think it'd be to your taste.


Where is it --- was it Wharton who wrote the scathing little anecdote about James being lost on King's Road and asking (interminably) for directions?

And I'm not anti-terrapin; they're not scary, just sad and endangered.

Now, white sauce ---- there's a food of the time just begging to be studied. I think it's been done though.


There's a T.C. Boyle novel with Fletch--oh,someone already mentioned that. But how could one bring him up without citing his motto, "Nature will castgate those who don't masticate"? Oh, right, 'cause one's point is to hate on Strether. Got it. Never mind.

Karl Steel

was it Wharton who wrote the scathing little anecdote about James being lost on King's Road and asking (interminably) for directions?

Yes. It's in the Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes. At least's that's where it is on my shelves.


The Princess Cassamastica just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Ray Davis

She shoots, she scores, she's never reprinted.


Kafka fletcherized his food, but not his prose.


There is a book, I know I gave it to you about a man trying to find a reason for his wife"s suicide and he looks to find a way to improve his dog's bite - etc. Just think of how little would be done in this world if every person took this diet to heart - could we solve all the world's problems just by changing the way everyone eats????

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