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Sunday, 01 July 2007


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Shannon Womack

The poll is #1, the podcast is #2, but what's third noxious blog phenomenon you've indulged in this week?


Look at the poll again. All will be revealed.

I. Eaton

"I Haz Talking"


As for a good text to voice program, why don't you try the the AT&T one? I like Crystal's voice. It's kinda a hassle because you're only allowed 300 characters of translation, but, you can could, if you were so inclined, save each 300-character .wav file and play them back-to-back-to-back on a playlist.


That's the LOLcatz, Eaton, the third noxious blog phenomenon I've parroted this week. As for the AT&T Natural Voices, they're about $3,000 per voice, so they're a wee out of my price range. (You can't use the demos for personal purposes, and I've heard tell it's not a good idea to test their resolve.) But I'm working on it, I'm working on it ...

I. Eaton

Is this my.....espresso machine? How did you get my espresso machine?

Well, uh, we fuckin stole it, man.

Yeah, in making that suggestion, I kinda ignored the possibility that the AT&T people might be upset (in the legal sense) if you used their program. And besides, the droopy dog TTV voice is comic and in keeping with the LOLZ the internets self-deprecating tone of the "podcast".

I hate to be obtuse, but, if I vote for "I Haz Talking," what does that mean in terms of your 'podcasting'?


Means I'll be interviewing people. First up: Chaucer!


Shouldn't that be "Can I Haz Talking?"

Stupid internet, making me know about LOLcatz.

Rich Puchalsky

I think that that having polls about whether to do podcasts that you're clearly already planning to do may be the tipping point where parody fake narcissism has become undistinguishable from plain narcissism. Like the mocking liberal pretending to be a conservative troll who finds himself trolling places after the real trolls have long since given up.


I'm not clearly planning to do more -- it's time-intensive, but something I could do with the wife, whose mad Photoshop skills could enhance the "quality" of the podcast immensely. Or we could watch The Wire. Either way, entertainment. I wouldn't mind doing more, however.

(Besides, I had to do something with the LOLcephalous I made, but didn't include in the cast itself.)

Jonathan Dresner

Oh well, if it's interviews, then I'm in. That's the only thing podcasts are really good for: conversations. If it's just one person talking, I'd rather just read it on the page: it's quicker, I can skim when it gets boring or go back if it gets confusing.

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