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Tuesday, 31 July 2007


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"Thanks," Scott, for calling our attention to that. It is completely obvious that he just copied Bergman's timeline from Wikipedia, that he has never seen The Seventh Seal ("the famous scene of death playing chess"? Dude, that's the entire movie), and that he could not name a single other Bergman film if you offered him a hundred thousand dollars.

Plus, "You can only tell people to sit down and eat their spinach for so long"? So, now you're not supposed to tell kids to eat their spinach? In this metaphor, are we only supposed to eat Dots? You've lost me.


Dots, dots, and nothing but dots. I had a serious response to Podhoretz half-drafted before I realized that it wasn't the worth the time to write one in response to his nonsense. His biggest failure, to my mind, is that he missed the fact that Bergman films are accessible -- the gateway drug into good cinema. Or, maybe not Bergman, but the lovingly and respectfully parodied Bergman of Allen's Love and Death -- "the wheat, yes, the wheat" -- as well as straight Bergman-esque works like Crimes and Misdemeanors. Like I said, I half-drafted it, and my thoughts aren't altogether organized (yet).


Every time I follow one of these links, Scott, My faith in human progress dies a little bit. Then I come back and remember that history rarely remembers the blowhards kindly in the long run, while great satire can outlive even the memory of its victims.


I'm sorry I upset you and Tom so much. I really don't mean to. Thing is, I can't help myself sometimes -- after pounding my head against hard sophistication all the live long day, sometimes it's nice to hear the soothing smoosh of my head violently hitting some pudding.


[smoosh, smoosh, smoosh]

Not bad.... all is forgiven.

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