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Thursday, 02 August 2007


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It wasn't so much thinking as hoping, Scott; it's a little dull here in the Southland lately and I was hoping a good rampage might liven things up.

And when I said "shooting lasers from his eyes" I meant something like this, but couldn't find my copy the other night.

Incidentally, the sports-related earworm I always get is the chant of "AIR-ball! AIR-ball!" which Dave Barry, in one of his columns, proved is always sung on the notes of A and F.

You know, you could probably make a two-part harmony of that and the "hole/ in the sky" chant and create the Ultimate Earworm.

Tim Lacy

The there-is-a-hole-in-the-sky fan at Miller Park sounds a lot like Wrigley Field's infamous Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers. When listening to a Cubs game, one used to be able to hear Wickers in the background chanting his melodic-but-mind-numbing "Woo Woo" all throughout. His chant transformed the "earworm" phenomena into an ear-tapeworm one. I think Ronnie's been banned from the park this year. Hopefully that won't result in another silly curse. - TL

Christopher M

There's a hole in the sky? An allusion to the Pixies?

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