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Monday, 20 August 2007


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Fixed. I turned that footnote into the other post.


other post? You mean the whole text? Sorry if I'm being dense...


No need to apologize: I'm well aware that other people can't read my mind. Yes, the post above this one. I realized half-way through the footnote that it'd damn the comments on the entire post if I didn't separate them. You know, how commenters perceive that there's 1) the thing they're supposed to respond to and 2) the thing they want to. They most likely won't let #2 trump #1. At least, that's my thinking.


And, lo and behold, all the comments on this post have been about the footnote....

Speaking of mindreading, I finally parsed that first sentence correctly (I'm not sure why I disconnected "they" from the Letters to assume some third-party intervention): Twain is himself responsible for your atheism? I've always thought of Twain as more of an anti-clerical, anti-nationalist deist than an atheist, per se. But there's no question that his brand of satire is particularly devastating to the kind of simplistic Christianity (and Judaism) which seemed so rampant in his time and ours.

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