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Thursday, 27 September 2007


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Ray Chong Chen


I was one of your LJ20 students a while back. In simple terms, I had a year-long sabbatical from UCI but am now back, was surprised to hear from some LJ classmates that you had left? In any case, I'd like to say thanks for the inspiration and encouragement, you're one of the reasons I stuck to it, and am now back to finish it. You may or may not remember me. Would love to hear from you.


Ps. Go Yanks

Tim Lacy

As a Royals fan, I haven't forgotten what the Phillies did to my beloved KC Royals in 1980. But as a Cubs fan, I haven't forgotten what the Mets did to them in 1969? In sum, I don't know what to do for you. - TL

j.s. nelson

At least it's not Robert Jordan : completes wheel of time.

The Constructivist

During the key game in '86, I was eating apples and apple sauce and apple fruit roll-ups, drinking apple juice, and basically ingesting anything apple-related, so I blame myself for the Mets tragic fall this year. Although given the state of the Mostly Harmless jinx, I have to say I probably would have done more harm than good actually supporting them this time around.

Hey, at least you're not a Bills fan.


Then there's still hope! Huzzah for John Maine!


I'm convinced this is all a Manny Acta-devised ego boost: he knocks his former team from contention, then gets to take credit for letting us back in. Now, if only he'll see it to the end.

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