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Saturday, 08 September 2007


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Cap'n Morgan

Hmm... you forgot to mention the cute little tiger cub.


You want adorable tiger cubs? I'll give you adorable tiger cubs. (The fact that Mike VI's already 400 lbs. removes him from this category, so those are anonymous adorable tiger cubs.)

B Moe

Total agreement here, the announcing on the VT opener was downright ghoulish. Didn't listen to much of this one, but wasn't that pinhead Musberger calling it?


It was Musburger and the otherwise-unemployable Kirk Herbstreit. Seriously, the man's a walking, talking refutation that QB's a "thinking man's position." No, sir, not if Herbstreit can play it, it isn't.

Cap'n Morgan

Riddle me this. How can USC beat unranked Idaho 10-38 and still be on top after LSU destroyed the former #9 VT?


I heartily disagree with you about Herbstreit; can you say what it is you don't like about him? Any sample bits of non-wisdom? His GameDay analysis has always seemed savvy, and his color commentary during the Cal-Tennessee game was great. So was Musburger, I thought.

Now, regarding this one game…I don't think it's their fault. The media always feels compelled to emphasize the "healing power of sport" story, and it was clear from the beginning of the season that this is what was going to be talked about whenever VT came up. And it's equally clear that they can't talk about Virginia's tragedy without talking about Louisiana's, lest people write in about tragedy disparity. Hence…


My main complaint about Herbstreit is that he's lazily inaccurate. A former QB should be able to tell the difference between a 3-4 and a 4-3 set-up, yet he consistently punts it. He mistakes nickels for dimes, then chides the QB for making the wrong call at the line. I know he probably knows what he's talking about, but once he finds a narrative, he sticks to it. Whether this is done purposely or not, I don't know, but it really bothers me. I mean, I'm looking at the reply too! That's a 3-4 package with a safety blitzing from the corner, not a 4-3 with four linemen!

He did this all game long. Perhaps it did have something to do with "the healing power of sports" being forced upon them ... but still, it's extremely annoying when your experts don't demonstrate, well, expertise.


OK.....If one more person talks about Katrina and LSU in the same sentence, they should be shot. It has been long enough since Katrina to stop feeling sorry about what happened. I am not saying this to be mean; I am saying it because I deal with Katrina people almost daily. This group of people are mentioned each and every day here and most people just don't want to here it anymore. VT has had its share of sadness, but please don't keep reminding them. They won't forget and they want to get on with life. Make a football game about football. This is what the colle wants to happen. Get someone to announce that really knows what they are talking about and not one that constantly want to make our hearts bleed, along with our ears. Turn the sound off and call the game yourself, this would have been a better way to watch this week game. GO TIGERS!!!

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