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Thursday, 20 September 2007


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Ah, David Duke. Can he NOT look stupid when talking about something? Just once I'd like to see that he's a little intelligent...

David R. Block

DD has recto-cranial insertion (also known as head up the @$$), and has been afflicted with that condition since at least 1990 and probably well before then. Fortunately, he is transparently STILL a KKK guy, so, gee, I don't know, what did one expect? Pearls of Wisdom? Nah.

That boy just ain't right. (Not a startling conclusion, I know.)


How contemptible, that someone would come to baseless conclusions and even accusations of criminality based on mere race. No wondered he's named Duke, eh, Prof?

Luke Lea

re: The prosecutor who charged black kids while letting white adults walk for the same crime. It would be terrible if true. Fortunately, when you dig deeper, you find there is no evidence that it is true. As for bringing in the name of the notorious racist David Duke, does that mean that every other white person in America who thinks the Jena Six case is a terribly poor choice to try to turn into a major civil rights issue, is just as bad as David Duke? What kind of debating tactic is that? Shame, shame, shame.


Luke, David Duke released a statement. I responded to it. As far as I know, I'm no grand conspiracy. Hopefully, I'm mistaken and can pressure myself into landing me a job.

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